Top 7 benefits of Yoga

Rolling out the mat has many benefits from building strength to reduce stress. We are certainly in love with yoga practice. After every session, we feel recharged unlike other practices like a gym. We certainly have more positive energy. We feel less stressed out and of course happy with the results overall. Let us learn... Continue Reading →


This Mumbai Girl Proves That Yoga Is For Everyone

Well, impossible is nothing if you have determination, focus, and of course talent. You may say that yoga is for everyone but at least not for the plus size people. But this girl is doing it all from Headstand to Handstand. Dolly Singh is challenging the stereotypes by posting her photos and videos. Yoga has... Continue Reading →

How to Practice Yoga Daily

Consistency is quite important if we seek great results in whatever we do. And, yoga is no different. But it is challenging to be regular in your practice given the pace of present lifestyle. We are here to motivate you so that you can keep up with your yoga practice every single day! Keep your... Continue Reading →

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