How to stick to your fitness goals.

Nothing is impossible. We are set out to achieve all our goals and fitness is a top priority. Know that fitness is almost a game changer. A fit body can do more and achieve more. We are putting together a list that will help you stay long in your game.

1. It is all about priorities. Set your priorities right. Invest in the things that matter most. Less time wastage on gossip, watching tv.

2. Schedule your workout in advance. It is as simple. The way you plan other activities, meetings, phone calls, schedule a preset time to exercise. And stick to it.

3. Correct your nutrition. Eat right so that you have the energy and desire to workout.

4. Need constant motivation. Workout out with a personal trainer or invite your best buddy to join you. Inspire him to exercise.

5. Plan in advance. Get your workout gear, bag, water bottle, snacks ready.

6. Write it in a journal. It encourages you to take action.

7. Set realistic goals. Working out five days a week may not be possible initially. Plan at least three days a week.

8. Stay consistent. Even if you miss a workout, come back fast and continue with your schedule.

9. Enjoy yourself. The journey is more important than the destination.

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