Strength Training: Get Fitter, Leaner & Stronger

Strength training is an exercise program that helps different muscles in your body to get stronger. Along with cardiovascular and flexibility exercises, strength training act as a complete exercise routine. A stronger body is capable of doing day to day tasks in life without any hassle. A stronger body also burns fat more efficiently and effectively.

Strength training options include weight machines, body weight, resistance tubing, free weights.

However, you should know few things before you begin your practice.

1. Warm-up: A warm-up body is less prone to injuries. Therefore do some cardio to increase the heartbeat. And some stretches to warm-up the muscle group is recommended.

2. Choose an exercise for each muscle group: Your goal should be to improve strength in overall body. So try include one-three exercise for each muscle group and the reps you can perform without any pain. As a beginner, you may want to start with twelve reps. Gradually you can change reps as you increase your strength.

3. Quality vs quantity: Right form is equally important while you perform these exercises. So that you can gain more benefits of your exercise session without hurting or incurring any unnecessary pain.

4. Rest and recover: Rest days are crucial for building lean muscle tissue, so try not to work the same muscle groups two days in a row.

5. Check with your doctor:
a) If you are above forty and not been active recently
b) If you are above forty and taking strength training for the first time
c) If you have any medical issues

Also be careful to listen to your body. If a strength training exercise causes pain, stop the exercise. Consider trying a lower weight or trying it again in a few days. If you’re new to weight training, work with a trainer or other fitness specialist to learn correct form and technique.

Stay Fit!

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