This Mumbai Girl Proves That Yoga Is For Everyone

Well, impossible is nothing if you have determination, focus, and of course talent. You may say that yoga is for everyone but at least not for the plus size people. But this girl is doing it all from Headstand to Handstand.

Dolly Singh is challenging the stereotypes by posting her photos and videos.

Yoga has become quite a popular choice for weight loss. But once you start doing it is almost like an addiction. It becomes your go to for everything. You feel happy, tired, or stressed you want to go to your mat. And that is the same case with Singh. She took her first session four years ago and is completely in love with yoga.

dolly singh yoga mumbai discover on the mat 2

Singh is in side plank variation.

Yes, regular practice makes it all possible. Even the tough poses you once thought was impossible begin to happen.

Now, what is your reason to not start your practice?

Team – Discover On The Mat

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