Top Reasons Why You Should Switch Back to Masala Chai

Chai is immensely popular in India. And we have a lot of variety when it comes to this ancient Ayurveda beverage. If you step into India, one thing you will notice is this. Since ages, we have been using this to combat cold and fever. Let us look at other not so popular reasons to have this kadak masala chai.

1. Anti-inflammatory
Spices act as a great painkiller and help beat any fatigue, pain, inflammation in the body. Especially the combination of clove and ginger are potent painkillers. And because of its unique qualities, even Olympic athletes are recommended to consume masala chai after a grueling session.

2. Boost immunity
To strengthen your immune system switch to masala chai and let go of green tea or any other herbal tea. The properties of clove and spices help boost your immunity and fight colds, flu, and other common ailments.

3. Improves digestion
This drink is highly suitable if you are facing any digestion issues. Moreover, the ginger reduces its acidic nature. As some people can’t consume it as it may turn acidic, so all you have to do is to add some ginger along with other ingredients.

4. Reduce PMS
It can calm your nerves and help muscle relax. Instead of taking a painkiller, try this drink with some ginger and clove added to it. It will help reduce your pain and make you happy.

5. Prevents diabetes
The spices especial clove, cinnamon, and eliachi in a combination help prevent diabetes. It increases the insulin sensitivity in the body. And therefore it keeps the blood sugars in control.

6. Good for heart health
The spices and black tea have a lot of antioxidant properties. That, in turn, help cholesterol in check. It reduces the formation of plaque around arterial blocks and keeps the blood pressure under control.

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