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Yoga is not just an exercise but an art of living. Yoga teaches life to move in the right direction.

Yoga practice is a unique method for human’s physical, mental, spiritual progress. Yoga has the power to bring amazing changes in human life and to remove all sorrows, pains. The practice of yoga changes greed, hatred, anger, violence, selfishness into sacrifice, forgiveness, peace. All these changes occur with continuous yoga practice. But the enemies on this path are the discomfort of a body, laziness of mind and suspicious status of intelligence.

Suppressing these enemies through faith, conviction, determination, and self-surrender, one can walk through the yoga path. There is no place for selfishness, greed, attachment, jealousy, hatred, and partiality in yoga. Yoga changes our life at both the external and internal levels. The yoga performer makes constant efforts to understand and solve the obstacles in life. He/she progresses and becomes detached from life. Then self-realization is achieved. And a soul is united with God. Good thinking, good accompaniment, attending Satsang and respecting one’s Guru are the keys to spiritual advancement. Our practice flourishes with the help of divine power, by God’s grace.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji was having a war with the Mughals. Then a soldier came running to him and said, “True Lord, it is very strange! The Mughals have left a crazy elephant in the midst of our army, he is crushing our soldiers. No one is able to control him.” Guru Gobind Singh Ji said with certainty, “There is nothing to fear. Our disciples are big wrestlers and very strong, they will deal with that elephant.”

When the disciples listened to this, there was a stir among them that Guru Maharaj Ji was saying this. Who can fight with such crazy elephant? Perhaps the health of Maharaj Ji is not so well and fighting with this elephant is difficult and it can lead to death. All disciples started to hide behind each other. Nobody was presenting himself to go ahead. Then Guru Gobind Singh Ji called one of his disciples ‘Vichitra Singh’. He was working in the kitchen at that time. He listened to the voice of Guruji. Arrived in front of him, and waited for his order. Seeing him, all other laughed because he was quite bizarre. He was a lean, thin and bone structured. Guru Gobind Singh Ji asked Vichitra Singh to fight with the elephant. As soon as Guru Ji completed the sentence, Vichitar Singh started running not towards kitchen but in the direction of the battlefield. Without a second thought in his mind, he just listened to his Guru. A fellow soldier gave him his spear and horse. And Vichitar Singh killed the elephant with a single attack of the spear.

Now whether Vichitar Singh had the strength to kill a crazy elephant? How did he do something that could not be done by warriors and other disciples? It is only because of his firm faith in His Guru. He did not think of his weakness or even thought about how to fight with that magnificent, crazy elephant. He just believed that if my guru has given the order, he will get it done by himself. His belief, his power, made him win.

We also have the same duty that we must have the same belief in the center head (Kendra Pramukhs), authorities. They can achieve any work through us whether we have the potential or not. Trust them, do as they say and leave rest on them. Believe in your Guru is the only path to spiritual advancement.

Lord! Please be so kind that our faith never weakens.

Blog written by Sarla Tagra
Yoga Teacher
Based at Gurgaon

Pic credit: Josh Boot

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